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Yes, I decided to try and pay the bill for offering some absurdly cheap web hosting.

And it's not only web hosting: you have lots of features and scores of wonderful programs on your site to play with.
Give a look!
Did I mention you can test my hosting for free for 7 days?

Welcome to b3tapix
the free image hosting for b3ta

If you need to host images for your b3ta needs, offers free unlimited, eternal image hosting*.


B3tapix is running out of bandwidth, and almost half of its bandwidth usage is generated by people that have their own web site.
If you have your own website, please consider using it for your images, so that this service can be kept available!
If you want to set up your own upload area on your site with a script like the one b3tapix, you can get TEH UPLAOD CODEZ here.

To upload an image, use this thingy:

Can be a .gif, .jpg, or .png file. Maximum filesize is 60 Kbyte. Filenames will be converted to lower case


For technical reasons, the URL where uploaded images will appear has become of the form
Older images will keep their URL.


How does it work?
You can freely upload an image (e.g. image.gif), and that image becomes visible at the address
If an image by that name exists already, your image will be renamed image_00.gif and so on.

What are your relations with
I love teh b3ta. Apart this, there is no relation, this is an independent service.

How do I upload an image?
Use the thingy above.

What can I upload on b3tapix?
Currently, supported image types are .gif, .jpg and .png. Maximum file size is 1Mbyte.

I have lost my password!
No, you haven't: no password is needed to upload images

How do I change/delete an image?
You don't. Simply post a new image, and edit your posting accordingly.

What guarantee do you give?
None. Well, wait, perhaps I can guarantee that if you are reading this, this means your computer has some sort of a screen. Or maybe not.

How long will the images stay on
I am not going to delete the images, and they will stay there as long as the site is up. This should be for quite long, if the site gets used enough I will keep the site running with this cheap hosting plan.

Is this limited to images used on
Yes. At the moment, no check is done, but if the bandwidth requirements of deep-linking from other sources grows too much I might enforce a check on this.

I can be contacted at f dot bonomi at silab dot it

I have no information about you, so that's quite a privacy.

Copyright and legalities
If an ugly lawyer comes to me and says that your image violates copyright/trade marks/whatever, or for any similar reason I reserve the right to delete/edit the image.
The copyright on the images and on anything posted remains to the original copyright owner.
The rest of this site is 2004 F Bonomi - All rights reserved

*Some restrictions may apply